Note to Self: Topics and Themes to Think About

When I started “thinking out loud” almost eighteen months ago I added the tag line writing to see what I think. I hoped that saying that right up front would give me permission to post thoughts even when they weren’t perfectly polished, and even a cursory reading of what’s now on the site makes it clear that I’ve taken advantage of that permission. The writing quality, to put the point charitably, is rather uneven.

But I’m still bothered by the infrequency of my posts (and by the stack of ideas for posts that I’ve not managed even to begin to write). So I’m going to try something different here. I’m listing topics and themes about which I’d like to “think out loud.” And I’m going to create the list with check boxes. I’m hoping that unchecked boxes on my blog will push me to think about the topics sooner than I would otherwise, and that checked boxes will give me a sense of satisfaction. So, without further delay –

  • Political parties, polarization, and nuance
  • Proton’s move to non-profit status, and the impact of non-profit status on business practices of companies like Proton
  • Why not move this blog to a hosting service like Ghost or Substack?
  • Is there any value to reading a variety of writings in retirement beyond whatever satisfaction it brings to me?
  • Sustainability of urban living

A short list, to be sure. I’m thinking now that I’ll add other items to it as they occur to me. There are plenty of topics floating around in my head and in my journal that aren’t well enough defined even for a tentative list like this.

A mind game, to be sure. And it’s published here only to up the ante a bit. But if it doesn’t work – if it doesn’t push me to write more often than I’m writing now – I can always delete it and pretend it never existed.