Writing When Empty

One of the big blogging challenges I face is the challenge of settling on a topic to write about. I don’t have to be writing for any sort of public (even the public of the two or three people who might stumble on this blog in a given year) in order to face this challenge.

I’ve long envied friends who’ve kept a journal over any period of time – I’ve started on many journals with the commitment to write daily (or twice a week, or once a month), and it’s only in the last year that I’ve been able to keep that going for any length of time. I was thinking that my relative success at journaling regularly would help me maintain this blog, especially since I could tell myself that other people are only slightly more likely to read this blog than to read my journal, which sits in an encrypted file on my computer.

But here I am — only the third day of this attempt at blogging – struggling to think what I want to write about.